Payment Options

What are the payment methods?

CSI offers credit card or wire transfer payment options. The quickest method to obtain your color standards is payment by credit card. If you chose to pay by wire transfer, the order will release for processing once your funds have reached out bank.

Wire transfer transactions vary from bank to bank. The average transaction time is seven to fourteen business days.

Click here for CSI Wire transfer information.

Why won’t my credit card be accepted?

If your credit card is not accepted please ensure that sufficient funds are available. Also, verify the credit card details you entered.

Why does my credit card activity show duplicate transactions?

The CSI web order process requires several steps with your credit card.

First the Color Solutions International website will verify your credit card number and expiration date.

Then the web pre-authorizes the total amount of your order. This will only temporarily hold the amount against your card until the time we ship your order. The amount will be held for 5-7 business days

When CSI ships and invoices against your order your card will be charged the billed amount.

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