Shipping & Logistics FAQs

Shipping & Logistics

When will my order ship?

Order Processing Times:
1. Credit Card orders will process within 3 business days then ship how you have requested  on your order
2. Wire Transfer orders will process within 3 business days upon receiving funds and then ship how you have requested on the order.

What are the shipping fees?

CSI uses DHL FedEx and UPS for shipping our orders.

CSI’s international shipping & handling fees are $47.25 plus fuel surcharge.

CSI’s standard domestic shipping & handling fees are $14.75 plus fuel surcharge.

* Please note the fuel surcharge may vary from month to month.

All customers have the option to use their own international or domestic account for shipping.

This does not include duties and taxes. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

If my order is not shipped complete, who pays the additional shipping charges?

The customer is responsible for the first shipment. CSI will not charge for shipment on backordered colors.

Duties and taxes are still the responsibility of the recipient.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, generally airway bill tracking information is emailed to the ship to email address on your order by the selected courier service. However, you can obtain this information, online in your order history after 6.00pm EST.

Click here for instructions on how to obtain your tracking number.

Where is my package shipped from?

All textile standards are processed online through the CSI website and are shipped from Charlotte, North Carolina.

What should I receive in my shipment from CSI?

In every shipment you should receive the packing slip which states every serial number for each item and the matching product.

How long does it take for my International shipment to arrive?

For all International shipments that are sent via “express” by any of our preferred carriers, 98% of shipments arrive within 3 business days.  For all International shipments that are sent via “expedited” by any of our preferred carriers, 99% of shipments arrive within 5 business days.  Exceptions are if customs audits a shipment they may hold a shipment or if the “ship to” address is considered rural – outside of range, it may take up to 2 additional business days to be delivered.

How can I get a copy of my commercial invoice if needed?

You may contact your Color Solutions International customer service representative within 30 days of your shipment and a PDF file can be emailed to your requested email address.

What do I do if my shipment does not contain the color standards listed on the packing slip?

The packing slip will list all colors on your order and will show all standards included in your shipment stating the serial numbers per color within that shipment.  If a backorder occurs it will show the color, state the quantity on backorder and will not include serial numbers. 

I received my shipment today but the package was empty, what do I do?

Please contact your Color Solutions International customer service representative with a picture of the packaging and label so we may open an investigation with the carrier from our side and send you a replacement order urgently.  If you supplied your carrier account number on your order you must contact the carrier to generate a claim.  Color Solutions International does not have authorization to do this for you.

Taxes & Duties

Are duties and taxes paid by CSI?  

No, the duties and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver.

How much is duties and taxes?

The amount may vary depending on the product and your countries import rate.  Contact your broker or carrier for this information.

Why do I have to pay duties and taxes?

Any business receiving products internationally must obey the local import laws. The amount due is based on the Commercial Invoice which is included in your shipment. In adherence of US Commercial Export laws, Color Solutions International must state the actual invoice amount per shipment. Color Solutions International sells its products under the INCO term of DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid).

Additional information about INCO terms click here 

What will happen if I don’t pay the required duties and taxes?

If you do not pay your duties and taxes, you cannot receive your product. If the package is returned to Color Solutions International, your ordering privileges will be restricted and additional shipping fees may be added to your account.

Can CSI change the commercial invoice value so duties and taxes are minimized?

CSI has the responsibility to state the actual invoice amount for product on the commercial invoice and cannot change it.

What is a Customs Broker?

A customs broker assists companies in the process of importing products in a country by working with your company and the local import agencies by preparing documents, and the calculation and payments of taxes, duties and excises.

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