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What is a CR Number?

CR Number A CR Number, a 10-digit Customs Registration Number is required for import product into China.  A CR Number is not required for goods/equipment/products shipping. This regulation has been in a trial period since July 2010.  The importer in China, who must be registered with the Chinese Agency of Industry and Commerce,  will need to obtain a CR  Full Article…


Shipping & Logistics FAQs

Shipping & Logistics When will my order ship? Order Processing Times: 1. Credit Card orders will process within 3 business days then ship how you have requested  on your order 2. Wire Transfer orders will process within 3 business days upon receiving funds and then ship how you have requested on the order. What are the shipping  Full Article…



Where is my invoice? Invoices are emailed to the “bill to” email address on your order at the time they are shipped.  You will not receive an invoice for backordered items until they are restocked and shipped.  If you require a copy of your invoice for a previous order please note the attached pdf What  Full Article…


QTX Files

What is a .QTX File A .QTX file contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The QTX file should be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software. A .QTX file is a text file that contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The .QTX file can be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software. Click here for the Best Practices  Full Article…


Certified Standards

What is the difference between a Color Solutions International’s “Certified Color Standard” and Pantone or Scotdic “Color Reference”? The difference between the two is that Pantone’s ‘Color Reference’ is only a design tool. CSI’s ‘Certified Color Standard’ in addition to being a design tool is also an efficient and effective method of communicating color is  Full Article…