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DyStar Technical Service Representatives

Technical Support RepOffice LocationCountries ServedPhoneEmail Jong Chul YunKoreaKorea, Vietnam+82 Jo WuTaiwanTaiwan+886 2 2311 5928 Ext. Takuij TomitaJapanJapan+81 6 6263 Vandana AroraIndiaIndia+91 2261419037 OR +91 Dr. Vaishali RaneIndiaIndia & Sri Lanka+91 9930558896 OR +91 F. M. ShafiqBangladeshBangladesh+88 Asifa ZafarPakistanPakistan+92 21 34556995 Henry KrisnantoIndonesiaIndonesia & Australia+62 22 5405222 ext.  Full Article…

What is a CR Number?

CR Number A CR Number, is a 10-digit Customs Registration Number required for importing products into China.   The importer in China, who must be registered with the Chinese Agency of Industry and Commerce,  will need to obtain a CR Number from China Customs.  Another option for the Chinese importer is to use an Import-Export Agent to handle  Full Article…


CSI Customer Service Representatives

RetailerContact NameEmail AddressPhone Abercrombie & FitchVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Academy SportsVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 AeropostaleVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 AG JeansMarah Dealdeal.marah@csicolors.com704-561-2652 AllbirdsVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 American EagleVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Ann TaylorVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Ann Taylor LoftVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 AnthropologieVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Ariela-AlphaVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 AritziaMarah Dealdeal.marah@csicolors.com704-561-2652 AsicsVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 AthletaVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Avenue StoresVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Banana RepublicVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 BelkMarah Dealdeal.marah@csicolors.com704-561-2652 BoseVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 Brooks SportsMarah Dealdeal.marah@csicolors.com704-561-2652 BurberryVincent Dionnadionna.vincent@csicolors.com704-561-2908 BurtonMarah Dealdeal.marah@csicolors.com704-561-2652 CarharttVincent  Full Article…

QTX Files

What is a .QTX File A .QTX file contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The QTX file should be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software. A .QTX file is a text file that contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The .QTX file can be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software. Click here for the Best Practices  Full Article…


Certified Standards

What is a Certified Color Standard Certified Color Standards are a combination of a visual reference and a master electronic standard in the form of spectrophotographic reflectance data and are typically stored in a qtx-formatted file. Certified color standards are customized for the brand or retailer with their individual color names or IDs, their logo, and their own  Full Article…