What is a CR Number?


  1. CR Number

CR Number

A CR Number, is a 10-digit Customs Registration Number required for importing products into China.   The importer in China, who must be registered with the Chinese Agency of Industry and Commerce,  will need to obtain a CR Number from China Customs.  Another option for the Chinese importer is to use an Import-Export Agent to handle the shipment on their behalf.

Both importers and exporters in China are required to apply for a Customs Registration code (“CR Code”) from the customs authorities, or to cooperate with a party that has such a CR Code and is authorized to act as their ‘importer’ or ‘exporter of record’ for their shipments. This CR code should appear on the customs clearance paperwork for all your shipments to China, except for documents and personal effects. We would therefore like to ask you to clearly communicate the importance of these new requirements (for both the HS Code and CR Code) with your trading partners in China, as your shipments to and from China can be placed ‘on hold’ by the Chinese customs authorities until all necessary information is available to them.