QTX Files

What is a .QTX File

A .QTX file contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The QTX file should be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software.

A .QTX file is a text file that contains the reflectance measurements for a color. The .QTX file can be imported into Color Matching & Quality Control Software.

Click here for the Best Practices for Using CSI Color Standards  or click here to watch the Best Practices for Certified Standards Video

Will I receive a QTX file?

This depends on the Retailer/Brand requirements. Some require Color Solutions International to automatically send the .QTX file upon payment of the order. Once the payment has been received and approved, the .QTX file is e-mailed to the ship-to email address stated on your order. If you received your order confirmation and did not receive the .QTX file please click here to contact Customer Service.

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