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Welcome to your online destination for color and trend information.

Inspired by emerging trends in art and culture this blog offers fashion designers and color managers data-driven color analysis, color trend and color validation for their seasonal palettes.  This color data is collected and analyzed from an extensive in-house system of historical color usage. With over ten years of color palette management, Color Solutions International is a leader in the color and trend industry. Season after season, designers from all over the world, have valued the expert consultation of the CSI color team to guide their seasonal palettes. If you would like more  information on color development, please visit csicolors.com 

Following the publication by Greenpeace of their Dirty Laundry Reports, many brands and retailers are asking themselves the question: Do we really know what is on our garments?  Of the...

Interesting question -  How is color like an iceberg? Is it the many shades of blue or the hues of white, or possibly the streaks of brown that make icebergs so beautiful?...