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If you were born between the years of 1980 and 1994, we, the Color Experts at Color Solutions International, are sorry to report that you and your millennial pink passions are no longer relevant. Marketers have had it with you ruining the world with your avocado toast, your demand for memorable experiences, and your wise decisions to stay home with your parents to pay off your college loans! Yes, your day has come, and as Baby Boomers welcomed GenX’ers into the fold, we too welcome you as we all give way to the new hope and vivaciousness of Gen Z!

Generation-Z are people who were born between 1995 and 2015, the oldest of whom are just entering the workforce. Generation Z,  has caught the attention of our global culture as their voices emerge, and they begin to influence everything from politics, fashion, music, and marketing, but there was a bit of debate about what to call them. Also known as iGen, a play on the idea that they are the only generation born into a world of Apple products that signify their comfort with technology. Marketers settled on GenZ, in the name of keeping order to their system. You see, Generation X are people  (born between 1965 and 1976), Generation Y (Remember them? They are the middle child of generations) are born between 1980 and 1994, and GenZ, soon to be followed by Gen Alpha, the little bitty ones born between  2010 and 2025.

One exciting aspect of observing Generation Z is their emerging individualism and demand for depth and quality. The generation of hope has learned well from their millennial predecessors’ many things, a few of them being social inclusion, global exploration, and entrepreneurial mindsets. Today’s teenager was born into the innovative technical advancements the baby boomers created, they admire the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation X, and the global exploration of Millennials. GenZ is the heir of many scientific and high tech developments, but as the eldest of them graduate from college, they are inheriting various social and political global challenges that they are tackling, unlike any generation before them.

Color experts at CSI, agree that various hues of yellow are the optimal color to represent such a joyful, creative generation. From Beyonce at Coachella to Amal Clooney at the Royal Wedding, yellow is the color that means positive energy. We will continue to see yellows with gold levels and bright sunshine shades with a red and green cast, as brighter higher chromas continue to trend for Autumn/Winter 19 palettes. Yellow will accent our homes, and we’ll see bright sunshine shades make appearances at Generation Alpha birthday parties as parents continue to choose colors that dismantle binary boxes of gender and traditional ideas.

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