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Top ColorWall™ Colors of All Time | Yellow

With data collected from 10+ years of ColorWall™ usage across more than 100 brands and retailers, we would like to present the “Top ColorWall Colors of All Time”. The colors chosen for this report were selected as top performing colors from more than 80,000 seasonal color palettes.

In times of uncertainty, it is helpful to look back on things we can count on. So now is a good time to see what colors we have relied on in past seasons.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Steve Jobs

Commencement Address at Stanford University, delivered 12 June 2005, Palo Alto, CA


In this series, we are presenting our Top ColorWall Colors in hue families.


For the Yellow family, there are 4 colors that stood out from the rest. They range from a reddish almost brown cast to a very bright and green hue.


CW0101258 – A deep golden yellow
CW0101107 – A bright buttery yellow
CW0100405 – A subtle grey and green cast
CW0101547 – A bright chartreuse yellow  /  This is our most popular Yellow in sales and palette usage





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