Top ColorWall Colors for May 2015 – eColorWorld
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Top ColorWall Colors for May 2015

Fuchsia and cobalt blue, neon yellow and fiery orange are some of the colors that are most commonly selected for every season across all the design palettes.  For the month of May they are again in the top selling ColorWall colors. In addition to these there are also colors that are preferred by the designers as they start building their spring/summer color selection. Among these seasonal favorites are colors like tropical teal, peach cream, coral pink, as well as a variety of neutrals and earthy tones.

The vibrant turquoise was one of the top selling colors for April. As the summer months are approaching we noticed that the teals changed and now have softer almost tropical feel.


CLICK HERE to find some of the top selling ColorWall teals for May 2015

Beautiful tones of peach and pink lighten up the mood in the spring/summer color palettes, giving the color schemes a touch of youthful, positive bliss.


CLICK HERE to find some of the top selling ColorWall pink and peach colors for May 2015

In May we also see more earthy tones showing in the color selections. Their rich organic appeal is becoming essential for those who have preferences toward a more laid back, elegant palette of neutrals for summer. Bright accents such as fuchsia, orange-red or tropical teal, can be used to add a modern touch to the design, and to create an appealing contrast.


CLICK HERE to find some of the top selling ColorWall earthy tones for May 2015