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Top ColorWall Colors for July 2015

What is new on the charts for the top selling colors in July 2015? One new group that expanded its importance are the greys. This could be coming from the fact that around this time of the year a lot of the activewear companies build their seasonal palettes and also revisit their core colors. Grey has been one of the neutrals that dominated the runways for the last few seasons. It is elegant and easy to wear. If one wants to achieve more of a sporty look, bright color accents used with the grey, are a perfect solution. I personally love the combination of grey with metalics. Silver or gold, used in a very tasteful way as accents, make the design look sophisticated and chic.


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The second group of colors, gaining importance for this month, is the group of fiery orange shades and earthy tones of red. These colors create an atmosphere of positive energy and add a rich organic appeal to the designers’ palettes. These are the qualities that make them suitable to use across all seasons and equally versatile for men’s and women’s designs.


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This month to the selection of navy and cobalt, the designers are adding variations of denim blues, some of them so light and desaturated that almost can be given the qualities of a neutral color.

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