The future is bright-Do you have your neon shades? – eColorWorld
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The future is bright-Do you have your neon shades?

80’s Fashion Recycled

As fashion continues to cycle back to the 80’s and 90’s, the neon trends of yesteryear are back! Anyone have any hiding in your closest from decades ago that you would wear today? We can definitely see the style of 80’s and 90’s neon fashion in current styles. Bright neon shades of yellow, pink, green and orange are making a big splash across runways and store shelves. Think highlighters! What we thought may have been just a quick passing instagram trend, is here to stay. These colors have been popular for years.

With a high consumer demand for these bright shades, retailers have expanded the colors into mainstream fashion and accessories.  While many may be hesitant to walk around in highlighter fashion colors, there is definitely a market for it and it keeps growing!  As athleisure has become the norm for most, neon brights are being seen across genders and categories as a hot fashion must!  While some items may seem over the top, we have to admit, it is a fun fashion statement!

Small Pops

From runway to celebrities, we see the latest bright accessories and footwear making quite a statement. Resort wear, evening gowns and swimwear are also going bright.  Swimwear has always been able to add in bright colors, now are seeing more and seeing it mixed with fashion color for a fun contrast. For most, neon can be a bit overwhelming to wear head to toe.  Footwear and accessories are a great way to add some pops of bright color without going out of your color  comfort zone.

Head to Toe

For those that want to make a bigger color splash, there are full head to toe dresses, pant suits and streetwear to make a colorful and trendy impact! Pair these with some blacks or neutrals to tone down the look and add some sophistication.  Perfect for a day at the office or a night out on the town, these bright wardrobe choices are sure to turn heads!  Wondering if it’s worth it to join in on the fun?  Go for it and remember you can always repurpose them or wait for the next time neon pops up to make a statement in the future!  We are what we wear, as they say, so go out there and brighten up the world with some neon fashion!