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SPRING/SUMMER 2019 | Color Analysis: Water Effect

In this issue of Color Analysis the color story, Destination, celebrates beautiful blue waters that have inspired countless poets due to its mystery, wonder, and power. From the dawn of time until eternity water will hold the wonders and wisdom of our planet.

In today’s, modern times people across the world restore themselves near breathtaking blue-green oceans not only to relax but to play! Many resorts are offering an array of water-related activities as customers seek unforgettable experiences that contribute to their active lifestyles. Vacation packages that offer surfing, paddle boarding and swimming fill the days of active vacationers.

Calming spa treatments await sun weary guest in the blue twilight of the evening sun. Resorts often offer spa rooms designed with an organic decor that is reminiscent of the beige sands and the pink corals of shells left behind from the days fun. Digitally unplugged guest may choose from yoga, acupuncture, and medicinal spa treatments, offered with picturesque views of golden and orange hues of the sunset.

As wellness and rejuvenation trends continue to emerge in the hospitality industry, guest will be inspired to incorporate colors that enhanced their moments of bliss. As designers settle into the excitement of the new season we hope this color story inspires a blend of wellness and mindfulness in your palettes. Click HERE to purchase the Spring/Summer 2019 Color Analysis.