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SS21 Color Analysis

A trend forecasting report, that offers brands and retailers high-level global trends based on consumer reports, detailed market research and generational mindsets influenced by art and culture.

With the combination of Art & Science, we have created a unique way to view Color & Trend by combining collected insights and observations with extensive in-house color data and palette management. With research across multiple brands, high level macro trends and patterns in color, we deliver color in four useful sections.

  • Global Macro Trends – focuses on global color forecast
  • Color Inspirations – are presented by hue with a look at each family of color and how the levels are shifting, with new call outs for key colors in Color Flash, and the tonal uses for other key colors in Leveled Up.
  • Color Analysis – shows how colors are tracking and performing as well as emerging colors based on 10+ years of palette management experience across more than 80 brands and retailers through our process called Relative Color Popularity (RCP). While in our Color Progressions, you will see a combination of hindsight and forecast trend colors for three seasons, organized by color family
  • Product Category – focuses on key colors for market segments with insights and consumer updates to innovations


Global Macro Trends

  • Prone to Wander
  • Ethical Expectations
  • Color of Nature
  • Wellness Tech

Color Inspirations

  • Ocean Waves
  • Sunny Fields
  • Succulent Greens
  • Sun Washed
  • Tangerine Dreams
  • Don’t Blush
  • Petal Pinks
  • Purple Passion
  • Energized Color
  • Singing the Blues
  • Mineral Earth
  • In the Nude

Color Flash – New!

For SS21 – 6 colors were selected that stand out as “must have” key colors. Through our research and analysis, we see these colors across categories and genders, being used in multiple ways.

Leveled Up – New!

New this season, we are incorporating levels into 8 color groups for SS21. With these groups you also get additional colors to give you a full level range to build your palettes. As we see more levels used in different applications in multiple product categories, we think it is a key component in selecting colors and developing products for the season.


Color Analysis


RCP – Relative Color Popularity

The color experts at CSI have created an extensive knowledge base of historical color usage obtained from in-house data collected from 10+ years of color palette management.

Using this data, we are able to validate each forecasted color through a process called Relative Color Popularity (RCP). Based on the RCP evaluation, the SS21 colors have been organized into four categories to help validate your color selections.



Color Progressions – New!

The Color Progression Report is a combination of hindsight and forecast trend colors for three seasons, organized by color family. This progression shows how the colors are shifting, while also highlighting colors that are more consistent season to season. How colors shift over time gives us insight for the future, while also providing validation for past seasonal palettes. We have included seasonal trend color for SS 20, AW 20 and SS 21 for review.




Product Category

With our global color trends, direction by hue and color analysis, get color validation in 6 product categories in this section. Trend mood boards are presented with key colors in Active Lifestyle, Home Lifestyle, Youth Market, Casual Lifestyle for Men’s & Women’s, Wellness and Tech.


Wanderlust / Outdoor Durability


Nature Inspired / Unexpected Delights


Casual Play / Re-purpose

Men’s / Women’s:

Casual Luxury / Organic Essentials


Restful Recovery / Rejuvenation


Fast Forward


You can purchase the Color Analysis Spring/Summer 2021 report as a printed copy or electronic version  HERE.