Spring/Summer 2016 | Velocity – eColorWorld
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Spring/Summer 2016 | Velocity

In today’s world speed is an important factor as our needs are more complex, our expectations are much higher, the environment we live in requires us to be more alert and active. Life can be a thrill-ride if we know which way we are heading. The future comes faster than we sometimes expect, more dynamic than we can envision. What was hi-tech yesterday is now a simple commodity. What was just a science fiction story before, today is a reality. That is why we have to transform ourselves to meet the future more prepared, to open our mind to the trends of the new futuristic world.

Fiery tones of red, blazing orange and vibrant yellow, juxtaposed with the cool chic of vivid purple and primary blue, create a dynamic color scheme, with a modern sporty vibe, thus making the colors natural addition to any performance palette, especially when classic greys come into the play.

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Color Combinations:


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