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Spring / Summer 2016 | Seashores

Some places we look at as if they are the end of the world; secluded islands, far away from the big cities, where life runs at a different pace. But if we truly think about it, these are the beginnings of new horizons. Right there at the edge of the water, right where the sun meets the turquoise waves, it is where an exciting new journey awaits. The ocean, mysterious and dangerous for some, for others it’s a way of living, a source of strength, adventurous vast world. And with the sun’s vibrant energy penetrating through every cell of our bodies, our sense of freedom and liveliness immensely grows. This is where we meet a newer version of ourselves – younger, braver, and happier us.

Sun-bleached shades of mint, blue and teal, create the soft base of the palette, with hibiscus pink, warm apricot and citrus green added for a tropical zing. In the mix the vibrant turquoise comes as an important accent color and contributes that last fresh finishing touch.

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Color Combinations:


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