Spring/Summer 2016 | Saunter – eColorWorld
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Spring/Summer 2016 | Saunter

A little bit of dainty elegance, a dash of glamorous appeal, a drop of playful charm. Life is about beauty and kindness we believe. The summer’s splendor is a feast, feeding our senses, with the sweet smell of rose gardens, with the sun’s warm touch on our skin, with the delicate taste of fruity gelato and the gentle piano sounds. Our thoughts and memories are taking us back to past exciting travels, back to that European vacation full with romantic bliss and joyful atmosphere. The dream-like vibrancy of color in the warm summer days makes us happy and ecstatic.

Citrusy tones of yellow and coral, infused with dazzling fuchsia, fiery red and vivid turquoise, create a warm youthful ambiance. Endless color combinations, bright accents, floral prints, soft fabrics, create a kaleidoscope of possibilities for one’s creative mind.

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Color Combinations:


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