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Spring / Summer 2016 | Resonance

There is a new class of people which with their vibrant identity are shaping the modern world – multilingual, broad-minded, free-spirited cosmopolitans. In that new world they discover that it is possible to find sanctuaries within the brick walls of the fast living city, islands of fascinating cultural blends, where new urban folklore is yet to be created. They are hungry to know about the world and travel not for leisure but to connect with different cultures and people on a deeper more spiritual level. They are gatherers of inspiring human stories that resonate deep into their souls, a new generation of storytellers and explorers, which are on a constant quest for self-mastery.


The atmosphere of positive energy in the palette is carried by a vibrant array of yellows and orange. The lighter tonals soften the overall feel and make the color scheme more elegant and harmonious. The cobalt blue and earthy red are added to bring an interesting contrast and are primarily intended as accent colors.

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Color Combinations:


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