Spring/Summer 2016 | Prelude – eColorWorld
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Spring/Summer 2016 | Prelude

Life is a string of beginnings and every day is a prelude to something new. We cherish the early mornings as a time to reflect on our thoughts and desires. We are not afraid to call ourselves romantic and immerse into that sudden flow of inspiration, which only comes in moments of perfect solitude. Seeking harmony and peace, preparing things in the quietest and most elegant manner, is one way to show our love and gratitude to be alive.


Close to nature, worshiping earth, that’s where we want to be, that is where we feel complete and moved. We plow, we seed, we nourish, and we grow with adoration and grace, so we can one day gather the fruits of our hard labor. We witness how things start as tender shoots and grow stronger and more beautiful just as we do.


Tender greens contribute to the organic appeal of this color palette. The neutrals are rich and carry a warm earthy feel. Botanical prints, natural fibers, nature inspired elements, accessorizing with wood and gemstones, could add some interesting touches to the final concept.

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Color Combinations :


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