Spring/Summer 2016 | Cobalt Skies – eColorWorld
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Spring/Summer 2016 | Cobalt Skies

Some of us believe that mystical powers are moving and directing us in mysterious ways. And we do feel that all nature’s creations are sacred. Our everyday endeavors we approach as if they are rituals that need to be performed with the greatest poise and affection. We crave eternal youth and believe that beauty is reflection of the soul. We love the mountains not as a destination to conquer, but as a place to worship nature and a place to reflect on our inner peace, a place where we can reach for harmony and solitude. The fragile beauty of exotic flowers appeals to us with its magnetic charm, but we are as equally attracted to the dark power of the stormy cobalt skies.

Delicate tones of lavender, pink and aqua, connect beautifully with the deep saturated shades of blue and turquoise. Dark maroon is added to shift the cool intensity of the palette in more sensual direction.

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Color Combinations:


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