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Spring / Summer 2016 | Cargos and Linen

There is a certain poetic mood setting up as one walks on the docks of the old industrial towns, looking at the abandoned heavy machinery, desolate riverbanks, and the uninhabited factory buildings standing as ancient relics. A creative mind can definitely understand the charm in such a scenery. There is so much history preserved in the old brick mills, memories of the days when things were built to last. All this is woven by the quality of time. There is romantic appeal that we feel as we saunter the old train stations, some abandoned, some slowly deteriorating, now turning into romantic spots where a different atmosphere is accumulated. As if by walking on the tracks we seem to go back in time, touched by reminiscences of happier days. There are new visionaries now, which see them not as old fading ruins from the past, but as objects with character and a story, waiting for a transformation and new life. Fragments, which we pick to build something new and unique, something with redefined meaning and purpose.


The colors in this palette are darker for the season, but they are envisioned to be used on lightweight fabrics, with a comfortable soft feel, fabrics like cotton and linen. Workwear blue, raw neutrals and rusty red are timeless and elegant. The prints, if any, are not elaborate, but simple and casual, so they don’t take away from the overall look of the design.

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Color Combinations:


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