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Q4/23: Color Quarterly Levels

The Color Quarterly report is a crucial resource for fashion and product designers seeking insight into current color trends. The report offers a retrospective analysis of color direction and validation, providing valuable hindsight into the effectiveness of past trends in a rapidly changing consumer climate. By examining what worked and what did not, designers can leverage this knowledge to create innovative and visually stunning products that meet the demands of contemporary consumers.

Utilizing our exclusive Relative Color Popularity process, we meticulously curate mood boards based on the most prominent hues of the quarter. This data is selected from the top ColorWall colors that have been handpicked by brands and retailers for their seasonal palettes during the preceding quarter.

Color Quarterly reports are a valuable resource for designers and marketers who want to stay on top of the latest color trends and ensure their designs are visually appealing and effective. These reports provide insight into the key colors for each quarter, which are the most popular “seasonal” colors that are sure to make an impact on your audience.

To make the most of these seasonal colors, it’s important to pair them with complementary colors that will help your designs stand out even more. That’s where the ColorWall comes in. This tool offers a full range of colors that can be used to complement the seasonal colors and create a cohesive and visually stunning design. By diving deeper into the Color Quarterly reports, you can discover the key colors for each quarter and get a better understanding of how to use them effectively.

When selecting colors and developing products for the season, the use of levels in different applications across multiple product categories is crucial.













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