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Joint Roadmap: Toward Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

Today (Nov 18) may go down in history as a landmark day for supply chain collaboration in the management of chemicals in the textile industry.

Responding to the challenge laid down by Greenpeace with their recent Dirty Laundry reports 6 leading apparel and footwear brands and retailers have developed a Joint Roadmap towards the target of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals from their supply chains by 2020.

Taking on this hugely ambitious task the six companies: Adidas Group, C&A, H&M, Li Ning, Nike Inc and Puma are embarking on a journey that could lead to the paradigm shift in supply chain collaboration that is necessary to transform the social and environmental impact of the global textile and apparel industry.

In the Press Release issued today, the joint signatories state that “Ultimately, we want and need a broad array of participants to partner with us in this endeavor – chemical suppliers, academics, NGOs, textile experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and others”

The companies appear to be laying aside their competitive instincts in order to achieve a common goal and it could signal the end of the proliferation of standards, policies, and protocols which have been laying a heavy burden of complexity and cost on an already highly-pressurized, textile supply chain.