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The meaning of blue has wide-reaching effects depending on the shade and hue. Light blues are relaxing
and calming while brighter blues can be energizing and refreshing. Ocean blues reflect a relaxing palette
and our connection to nature. Darker shades, like navy, represent strength and reliability. Indigo represents
the brighter more saturated side that adds confidence and vivacity when mixed with other bold

Indigo blue is the color of intuition and perception. It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection
and meditation, helping you achieve more profound levels of consciousness. From cool, serene blue
palettes to bold Indigo blues, the hues go from soft to lively and energetic. It is a color which relates
to mindfulness, to see beyond the ordinary senses with great powers of perception. It relies on
intuition rather than gut feeling. This color rules the mind, our reasoning ability, and the intellect. It represents
knowledge, dignity, and intuition. Indigo affects balance and coordination, self-reflection,
mental clarity, and wisdom.

The indigo color relates to our actual understanding of life. When our indigo energy is balanced, we can
understand the meaning of our lives and see the need to help others as part of our spiritual growth. Indigo is a deep saturated blue that ranges from bold, bright blue to shades of royal blue to navy
with a hint of violet.

Indigo is a continued favorite of color trend experts. Consumers will see the evolution of Indigo in washed
finishes, handwoven yarns, and lightweight chambray fabrics lending a casual feel designs.
Another inspiration is from Shibori textiles, a Japanese form of dying that revolves around different ways
of binding and folding the fabric to create different patterns and is most commonly practiced with indigo

Within Indigo, there is a range of vibrant colors in levels of blue-green to violet tones within the spectrum
of Indigo. Influences in textiles are moving into sustainable approaches to indigo dyed
denim. hand-crafted work in pottery and indigo reactive glazes and hand was blown glass, as well as age-old
customs of batik and shibori. With the Arts & Crafts popularity of handcrafted work, we see a
revival and traditions are passed down in a more sustainable and earth-friendly way.
Reminiscent of denim, this color has a classic sensibility as well as aged with traditional arts & crafts.
Indigo has been noted by historians to be the most important dye in the world.

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