CSI FW 2015/2016 Color Inspirations: Intimates
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Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 | Intimates


In somber, quiet woods, late autumn afternoons
The shadows fall in inky blue and misty green
Declining sun reflects in murky waters
Somewhat surreal and very much in watercolor
And only sudden pops of color
Reveal what lies beneath the frozen leaves
A reminisce of lasting beauty
Contained in fragile filigree of gentile flowers


“Woodsy” Intimates inspired the color story “Woodsy” for FW15/16. The combination of saturated and subdued shades of blues and olives makes this an interesting palette for intimates.

View FW15/16 Color Story “Woodsy”



Thousand sunsets treasured in my heart
Thousand stories of eternal love and passion

Darling gems, exotic birds
Tender leaves and gentile lilies
Weaved into an endless arabesque
In my dream arrive with blissful glory


“Jeweled” Intimates inspired the color story “Jeweled” in FW15/16. Although similar in theme, the two stories present different color concepts as Jeweled Intimates features more subdued jewel tones.

View FW15/16 Color Story “Jeweled”



Graciously the light is dancing
Warming up my heart and senses

Don’t say “the summer’s over”
As memory of summer I still carry
Even in the coldest winter months

I am still dreaming of vibrant gardens
Luscious flowers, precious fountains


Iridescence Intimates also inspired FW15/16 color story “Jeweled”.



The frost will never take away
The beauty of the flaming pink
So young and passionate
As if the winter sun was locked preserved forever
And as the sun arrives with so much softness
The longing of the soul becomes unbearable
We dream in color and as we do the color takes us
Faraway to place somewhat familiar
But yet enchanted and surreal


Faraway Intimates inspired the FW15/16 color story “Faraway”. The intimates version of Faraway features more nude tones critical to intimates combined with crimson,  and subdued lavenders.

View FW15/16 color story “Faraway”