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DyStar at the Frankfurt International Motor Show

Célio H. Missaka-

The Frankfurt International Motor Show or Frankfurt Auto Show, in German known as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition), is the world’s largest motor show. The first IAA took place in 1897 in Berlin and it is held biennially in Frankfurt.

The IAA is organized by the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA – Association of the German Automotive Industry). Since 1991 the show is split in two: Even-numbered years show commercial vehicles in Hanover and odd-numbered years passenger vehicles (including some motorcycles) in Frankfurt. The show is scheduled by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles.

The number of visitors for this fair is around 1 Mio spreading during one week duration. Most of people that attend the show are involved with automotive industry such as:

  • Automotive Manufactures
  • Automobile Suppliers
  • Automobile Sales
  • and general public interested to see the new car launches & technologies

Speaking of DyStar, it is important for us to visit the fair in order to have an idea about the new trends in automotive interior for seats, headliners, door panels and pillars.

Through our Automotive Solutions we can provide a package for coloration of automotive fabrics including the auxiliaries and finishing products which help our customers to meet the challenging quality specifications of the automotive industry. DyStar’s Automotive Solutions products are used in fabrics for car seats, headliners, door panels, pillars, carpets and parcel shelf. Some examples as follows:

VW Tiquan
Headliner fabric being produced with Dianix® AM dyes

Audi A3
Seat fabric produced with Dianix® AM dyes

Hyundai i35
Headliner fabric being produced in with Dianix® AM Formula One dyes

Volvo XC 90
Headliner fabric being produced with Dianix® AM Formula One dyes

The important message for DyStar related to this show has to do with automotive interior trends. This can be used as a base for us to know where our products could be used in the future car models. This way we could summarize the automotive fabric tendencies as follow:

  • Premium/luxury  cars: mainly leather or alcantara type fabrics
  • Basic car models: mainly jacquard woven fabrics; for European interior design taste flat woven is more popular than knitted material
  • Asian cars showing more knitted fabrics for interior as already expected
  • Headliner fabrics: for cheap car models, non woven is mostly used. For middle class and premium cars piece dyed warp knitted fabric is preferred
  • Fabric shades: for Europe mainly blacks/anthracite, followed by grey and beige. For Asia, especially China, beige shades are more popular than grey

For more information, visit us at Automotive Solutions-DyStar