Color Solutions International Spring/Summer 2020 Color and Trend Report.
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Color Analysis is a trend forecasting report, that offers brands and retailers high-level global trends based on consumer reports, detailed market research and generational mindsets influenced by art and culture.  This trend forecasting report provides color information for color managers, directors and designers to support the color palette development process. Colorful, informative and inspirational this 74-page semi-annual trend report is essential for educated seasonal color decisions.

Color Solutions International, color and trend report.

Your Spring/Summer 2020 visual experience features over 54 colors told in ten COLOR TRENDS stories inspired by the science of how color is known to affect our mood. Color Stories found in the Spring/Summer 2020 report are:

Sunny Days:  Good vibes with yellow

Orange Pop: Optimism in orange

Coral Energy: Tender corals

Pink Blast: Feminine pink

Lilac Dreams: Dreamy lilacs

Tender Greens: Forward-thinking greens

Ocean Blues: Relaxing blues

Down to Earth: Feeling grounded with brown-based greens

Soothing Neutrals: Calming  neutrals

Color Solutions International, Color Solutions, CSI

Also, in this issue of Color Analysis, the trend team at Color Solutions International expanded the use of their proprietary Relative Color Popularity report (RCP). RCP is a marriage of COLOR VALIDATION with trend color forecasting. The RCP report has been organized into four categories to help validate your color selection.

Seasonal Trending: Colors that show an increase in popularity seasonally 

Consistent: Colors that have demonstrated consistent demand across seasons 

Forecasted: New colors that are emerging for the season 

Uptrending: Colors that show a sudden increase in popularity 

Color Solutions International, Color Solutions, CSI

As in past issues, the Color Solutions International color and trend team offers you four seasonal stories to inspire your 2020 palette. These macro stories are inspired by today’s trends in sustainability, human connection, wellness, and authenticity. Your Spring/Summer 2020 FEATURED SEASONAL  stories include:

Sustainable Innovation: Global mindsets inform sustainable living choices in fashion and home interiors.

Global Citizens: Technology and fashion merge for an intuitive and comfortable lifestyle.

The Good Life:  Work life balance allows for more fun and productivity.

Out Of The Box: How authenticity informs consumer purchases.

For SS ’20 Color Solutions International customers are given an in-depth analysis of color trends, the CSI trend team expanded product categories offering a lovely layout of Global Trends by Product Category. 
Home and Lifestyle: Simplicity – Self Love – Authentic Living
Kids: Sustainability – Splashing Around – Live, Laugh, Love – Totally Tech
Men’s: Lifestyle LUXConnecting Tribes – Ocean Chronicles
Women’s: New Classics – Artistic Freedom – Sun Washed
Intimates: Second Skin – Feeling Good
Active: The Great Outdoor Revival

You can purchase the Color Analysis Spring/Summer 2020 report as a printed copy or electronic version  HERE.