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Color Quarterly – 3rd Quarter 2020

CSI manages seasonal color palettes from over 140 brands and retailers. For the past 20 years, designers have relied on CSI colors when selecting their seasonal and core color palettes.

The Color Quarterly report offers important hindsight into color direction and validation for fashion and product designers. It is important to look back as see what worked and what did not in this changing consumer climate.

Using our proprietary Relative Color Popularity process, we create mood boards based on the most popular colors from the quarter. The data is selected from the top ColorWall colors that brands and retailers choose for their seasonal palettes during the last quarter.

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The colors used in Q3 were mostly associated with Spring/Summer palettes, or Ongoing/Core palettes. The mood boards below reflect the seasonal popularity of the most popular colors.


Spring / Summer Colors


Q3 SS Moss


Q3 SS Rouge


Q3 SS Ocean


Q3 SS Plum



Ongoing / Core Colors


Q3 OG Citrus


Q3 OG Grey


Q3 OG Blue


Q3 OG Ocean



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