DyStar and CSI Launch Sustainable Color and Trend Magazines
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New Color and Trend Report Features Eco-Friendly Colors

As a combined effort of the CSI color team and DyStar’s technical experts, DyStar and CSI have launched the first two issues of The Sustainable Color and Trend magazine with Cadira® color palettes. This new report inspires Designers and Color Managers by offering palettes and color combinations that are eco-friendly and inspired by nature.  In addition, Sustainable Color and Trend will offer color validation using CSI’s Relative Color Popularity (RCP) information as well as sustainable dye recipes that have been formulated based on the Cadira resource optimization process.

The reactive-issue – Inspired by Nature –  will offer color palettes with softer, muted tones, levels of neutrals and earthy shades of green. The recipes are based on DyStar Levafix® and Remazol® combined with Sera® chemicals for an optimized dyeing and wash-off process.

The Polyester issue will offer designers and color managers vibrant color options with saturated colors and brights for activewear and outdoor clothing and accessories. The recipes are based on Dianix® dyes and the dyeing process can be optimized by use of the Optidye® PES program.

“We are conscious about our environment so we wanted to create a detailed report with an ecological color and optimized processes so that our customers can pick the right color that will help them reduce their environmental impact in the design process.” Says Ron Pedemonte, VP of Sales and Marketing Americas

The CSI team is excited to bring you more color palettes with ecological dyes and low impact processes in the future. To learn more about  Cadira® please visit DyStar.com/cadira