The Business Of Color: Meet John Darsey – eColorWorld
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The Business Of Color: Meet John Darsey


John Darsey the founder of Color Solutions shares his colorful and inspirational  journey through the Business Of Color. 

I was influenced by my father who was a chemist, colorist, and a small business owner. My father understood the practical application of color and leveraged business relationships in the textile industry to create a company named Colloid Chemicals. After building a successful sales career in my 20’s I went to work with my father with hopes of strengthening our strained relationship and to use my sales experience to help resurrect the family business that had fallen on hard times.  By 1990 I had my own family business and was able to hire my father and draw on his expertise as a color expert. I was also able to rebuild my relationship with my father and had breakfast with him every Saturday morning from 2000- 2008.

“Whether or not we have hope depends on two dimensions of our explanatory style; pervasiveness and permanence.” Martin Seligman

No business journey is without its challenges. In 1986 I had a horrible accident that resulted in a broken pelvis. What should have killed me (literally) made me stronger as a family man. Then in 1997 we lost a major account and it needed to be replaced. Freddy Miller a longtime friend and customer who was also a business owner and I partnered. My relationship with Freddy sparked many fresh and new ideas that are still on the whiteboard today!

This partnership gave us one strong lead into a major account. I’d like to say that my love for sales, or my savvy as an experienced businessman pulled me through at the last minute but I’d be misleading you. I believe there are times in our lives that can only be explained by divine intervention. This was one of those times I dropped back for a Hail Mary and signed one of our largest, longest standing clients and saved my business.

This experience made me stronger as a businessman and I learned a couple of important lessons. One is that I have an amazing wife and family who without their support in the tough times would have made those times tougher of 45 years who believed in me. The second is that I have an amazing team of people who work hard beside me. Together we changed the way the textile industry communicates color.