Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Cosmetic Color Crush – eColorWorld
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Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Cosmetic Color Crush

Fashion Colors

As brands work on AW20/21 colors for the season, we want to highlight the cosmetic color trends in fashion. These trends are large influencers on the colors that are in the market today.  Cosmetic colors have a large range of colors and tones across categories.  The most popular shades we have seen are warm and cool pink tones, deeper blush tones and several shades of mauve.

The cosmetic colors offer an alternative to the basic beige and grey options and give a more sophisticated look.  Fall and winter palettes can also add some edgy shades with sparkle in mineral and earth tones.  Everyone likes a glitter for the holidays, right?  Metallic and glitter tones can also be translated into fashion shades, especially for the holiday season.  The tones are playful and happy colors that promote self-indulgence and positivity.


Sustainability continues to be a hot topic of conversation across the fashion and footwear industries.  Cosmetic companies are also finding ways to become more sustainable.  Cosmetics consumers want more sustainable cosmetics and want to know what is in the products and how the products are tested.  Consumers are concerned about the effects the production has on the environment and want to ensure the company is cruelty-free.  These demands are driving change in the industry.  Because of consumer demands, there is an increase in synthetic ingredients and the use of plastics, glitter and beeswax are shrinking.


In the AW20-21 season so far,  we have seen active and footwear brands using numerous new shades of cosmetic tones in their lines.  Activewear brands are working to meet the demands of athleisure consumers. Many are introducing less sporty apparel and using cosmetic and neutral tones to attract consumers.  Many brands look to the active and athleisure brands for inspiration because of their influence in the industry.   An increase in cosmetic colors in active and athleisure palettes will definitely trickle down to fashion color.