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The Color experts at Color Solutions International notice a wide range of purples mixing into all aspects of home and fashion. Purple is the combination of subtle blues and energetic reds and has become a creative addition to palettes across genders and is trending in the home and men’s categories for AW’19 palettes. Various shades of purple heighten feelings of spirituality and encourage imagination and creativity. The color purple is said to help align oneself with the whole of the universe. Historically, purple is a dominant color statement!

Autumn will begin to feel graceful and romantic as you start to notice the delicate calming colors of lavender that emerge across all fashion categories. Lavender will take center stage as a soft color – you’ll observe it as a replacement for the white dress shirt in men’s fashion and as a sweet accent in lifestyle. Just a touch of color can go a long way in style and design with this dominant color.

Following the soft lavender tones, you’ll observe several levels of the blue-toned purples emerge.  These hues are delicate and nostalgic while some have a slight pink cast bringing us energy and beauty into the winter. There will be a crossover to the vibrant pink tones of the purples, and we will feel the vitality and spunk of these fresh new hues.  They are graceful and unique giving a sense of power and spontaneity.  They make us want to go out and explore the world!

Vibrant hot pink-infused purple is powerful a statement in its own.  It pops and brings warmth and energy into any palette.  This bright, fun shade adds a sense of independence as it can stand alone or mix well with softer or darker tones to make a royal statement.  Purple is an excellent color for activewear styles as it is motivational and will get you moving.

The most royal of all, the deeper tones of purple finish off the palette with a strong, dignified color statement.  These rich tones show independence and bring a sense of mystery and magic to those who adorn themselves with this color.  Make it a royal occasion and add a pop of purple to your next color story or wardrobe.

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