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Disconnecting from technology, we seek out to unwind with minimalistic soft hues and subtle warm tones to create a sense of calm. We find inspiration by blending neutrals across the palette for all age ranges and genders. The shift in nudes has really influenced the color spectrum adding warmth and versatility to the palette. Quintessential neutrals can be worn alone or combined with any color for a timeless sophistication.

Grey shades frequently offer subtle notes of other shades which give each grey its own unique feel. Cool greys often have hints of blues or greens within them, making them ideal accompaniments to pale wood or darker accent colors. These are versatile, warm, muted, grey tones that enhance the palette. Taupe’s offer more variety in combination with grey as a timeless option for a softness mixed with the contemporary edge of grey.

The soft cream and ivory shades in cotton & crochet hammocks have a romantic air about them. You can hang them just for decoration purposes, too. They work extremely well with neutral color schemes all season long.

It’s the evolution of boho, 1970’s style revamped into clean black & white modern neutrals, where nostalgia from the past blends with the future. The revival ranges from shag pile rugs, velvet sofas, house plants, record players and artful macramé patterns.

Artists blur the lines between art and craft, function and sculpture. What many people call modern rustic decor; like baskets, pottery, textiles and wood, are now incorporating them into contemporary home settings with earthy wood textures, clean whites and neutral textures for a sense of neutral serenity.

Inspired by a sister-duo that creates handwoven fiber art that is distinctively highly textural, organic and intricate. Heavily inspired by the beauty found in Mother Nature and Australian landscape, the sisters aim to cross the boundaries of woven wall art by experimentation and use of sustainable fibers. Crossing Threads™ is the collaborative work of Lauren and Kass Hernandez, Australian-born sisters of Filipino heritage based in Sydney.


Inspired by the brick showing through and the imperfect texture, both rustic and modern. Don’t try to hide all the imperfections with paint. It’s part of the charm!

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