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CSI Collaborates with DataColor and Adobe

2019 collaborations combine color, convenience and technology

Collaboration with DataColor

We are having an exciting year with our partners at DataColor and Adobe!  We want to share the news again to make sure everyone knows the latest!  The ColorReaderPro was introduced earlier this year at PV in New York.  If you haven’t seen this small but mighty tool, you need to get one!  No more slugging around samples and dragging things from place to place.  The ColorReaderPro can fit in your pocket or purse and with a simple push of a button, you can read in color from objects, garments, etc and get the 3 closest matches on your phone instantly!

The ColorWall comes preloaded when purchased through CSI.  We can also load our CSI extended Color Library (another almost 8K colors) as well as your company library (contact us for pricing).  The reader works through bluetooth with an app on your smartphone.  You can store all your reads, create palettes and text or email your co-workers the colors from your inspiration samples.  How great, right!  You can have team members shopping in Paris, Prague, Australia and instanly, you can get the colors they are seeing in your inbox.  It gives you the RGB and CMYK values so you can create concepts in Adobe.  We use it hear at CSI often and love to take it on trips with us and go concept shopping locally!

Collaboration with Adobe

To further streamline the design process, we have also partnered with Adobe and their new Adobe Textile Designer plug-in for Photoshop.  Textile Designer can be used with the ColorReaderPRO to measure any source of inspiration and translate the color data directly to Photoshop.  When using the ColorReaderPRO with Adobe Textile Designer, it works via bluetooth.  The searches take place inside the program without the need for the mobile app.

This integration helps to accelerate palette creation and ensure color quality for textile print designers.  You can find the CSI ColorWall available as a swatch library (ASE) and as a Color Book (ACB).  Once you have the CSI matches, you can quickly drop these into the print designs.  This will avoid having to re-match colors for production while saving countless hours.  Textile Designer allows designers to build and preview repeating patterns, define separations and work with colorways, all within Photoshop.  This is all done while keeping every element editable and reversible until the design is ready for printing.  Work can be saved in various formats and can include metadata in the output files that will be used in the production process.   The plug-in is currently in beta and can be downloaded at adobe.com/go/TextileDesigner