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What’s in a compliance certificate?

In past few years, I have noticed that the awareness among textile manufacturers to use environmentally compliant products has increased significantly. Their lives are not easy when it comes to understand environment regulations,  RSL’s compliance and make conscious purchasing decisions still they are striving to ensure the safer use of chemicals in their supply chain.

While fulfilling the ecological certification requests from Industry in past few years,  I observed the increasing trend towards ecological compliance. I noticed that not only the International brands and retailers have their own Restricted Substances Criteria but smaller, regional or local brands and manufactures are also working on defining their own criteria as per international environmental standards. They are preparing their own RSL lists. They are making sure that they buy only those dyestuffs and chemicals which comply with their own established criteria of chemical compliance.

We serve around 300 – 400 customers inquiries per month and provide them documents stating our product compliance for various environment legislation and RSL’s. It is indeed a very extensive exercise for us but glad to see increasing awareness and interest in environmentally compliant products.  I believe that this trend would definitely result in increased focus on chemical and dyestuff companies with high sustainability profile.  We are happy to serve our customers with these letters as it is just not a certificate for them but an assurance towards econfidence®.

  1. It’s an assurance for them that the products they buy from us meet particular environmental criteria or the restricted substances criteria from a brand or retailer.
  2. It’s a confidence for them that the chemicals and dyestuffs they buy from us are fee of hazardous chemicals and safe for their production and employees health.
  3. It’s a promise for them that they wouldn’t have to deal with compliance issues at the final stages.

With econfidence® we are confident about what we are selling and we want to create awareness in the supply chain to know what they are buying!

You are welcome to contact me If you wish to know more about our econfidence® program.