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Spring / Summer 2013 Inspirations: City Pulse

I always loved the big city and its busy streets. Cup of coffee, comfortable pair of shoes, my purse and maybe a camera is all I need for a day in the city. It is interesting to see the old churches and houses built in the beginning of the 20th century next to the ultra modern skyscrapers. There is so much to do and experience that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but in a good way. If you want to find inspiration – interesting architecture, intricate new faces, new fashion ideas or if you just need a chance to boost your creativity – the big city can offer you all this and so much more . Photographers, designers, musicians, poets, people from all different cultures and backgrounds come toNew York to look for new ideas and stories to tell.

Blue sky, glass and concrete, the city appeals with its multicultural faces and bright neon lights, the skyscrapers, and the little thrift stores. With these thoughts as inspiration the color palette of “City Pulse” was created – its pure and elegant hues carry a sense of simplicity, by being modern and not overdone.

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“City Pulse” Color Combinations

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