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NC State Fashion Show “Color Fusion”

One of the hightlights of the NC State Fashion Week was the Fashion Show “Color Fusion”. Students of the University competed with their designs.


Fashion Textile Management sophmore, Jazsalyn McNeil won the first price. Her colorful and playful designs carried the strong vibe of the 70s.

NC State Fashion Show, Jazsalyn Mc Neil

Jazsalyn Mc NeilDesigned and presented by Jazsalyn McNeil

Glenna Teague made the second place showing  craftsmanship, weaving colorful fabric into a pretty elegant dress.

Glenna Teague, NC State Fashion Show

Glenna teague, NC State Fashion ShowDesigned by Glenna Teague

The winner of the third price was Stormi Gignac. She used a variety of materials in a very harmonic  way resulting in the effordless elegance of her designs.

NC State Fashion Show Stormi Gigna

C State Fashion Show 3rdPlace Stormi GignaDesigned by Stormi Gignac

Congratulations to the students who participated and to the winners of the design contest.