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Maxi Skirts for Different Body Types

by Brenda Lyttle

maxi-shirtMaxi Skirts are not only a raging trend this season but they are also a must have in every woman’s wardrobe because of their comfort, style and elegance. Many women, however, complain that they look either too fat or too thin in a maxi skirt. Well, if you are one such woman, don’t worry because given below are some pointers that will help you look just comfortably trendy in your maxi skirt according to your body type:

  • For Tall Women Who Want To Look Shorter – A Maxi skirt can be a good tool to cut down your height if you are very tall and would want to look a bit shorter. Choose a skirt that has dual tones so that a line at the bottom separates the colors. This will create an illusion of being short. Team it up with flats or a short trendy jacket to further enhance the illusion.
  • For Petite Women – If you are a little petite, make sure that your maxi skirt is floor length and try to enhance your silhouette. Teaming the skirt with well-fitted tops with V necklines will achieve this look. Sport your favorite heels and you are all set to turn heads.
  • Slim Women – Maxi Skirts that have straight cuts tend to make a slim person look even slimmer. Try a maxi skirt that accentuates your curves. Pleated Maxi Skirts are the best trend of the season and these are best suited for women who are slim because they create a curvy illusion.
  • Plump Women- Maxi skirts that hug one’s figure would highlight the flaws in your figure making you look plumper. Unless you have a perfect figure, you should always stay away from maxi skirts that are made of clinging fabrics. Stick to darker tone and vertical stripes to enhance the illusion of slimness.
  • Accentuating Assets – If you think you have big breasts or are broad shouldered and that bothers you, wear a Maxi skirt with a split that goes high – almost till your upper thigh or as high as you are comfortable. This creates an illusion of balance. For women who have the perfect midriff and want to show it off, wear a high-waist maxi skirt with a nicely fitted top. Combine it with some high heels and your look is complete.

Maxi skirts are easy to wear and by choosing the right pattern and color, you can wear it on almost all occasions.


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