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Innovating For Sustainability

Today attended the “Sustainability in Innovation Forum” organized by Taiwan Textile Research Centre in Taipei and got a glimpse of this part of textile world that is focused on “Technical Innovation” to bring sustainability in Textile industry.  Advancement in technical research in creating new fibers, polymers with functional finishes which are not only long lasting and capable to achieve best fabric functionalities but recyclable and easy to decompose without being taxing on mother earth. Advance water and waste treatment systems are also examples of their innovations.

I didn’t realize earlier that probably innovation is the most crucial part of creating sustainable products and industries. Innovation is Change and we must adopt the change to bring sustainable solutions to our Industry.

I am convinced today that if we wish to be sustainable, we need to think innovatively to bring those changes in the way we work and the way we create products.

I would be very happy to hear your views on this??

( If you wish to know more about this forum, please visit them at