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In Demand:Purple

It is a colorful world we live in- just look at the Summer Olympics 2012 and see what the athletes are wearing. It is so exciting to see all the bright colors that made the events: marigold yellow, fiery red, hot pink, true green, electric lime, bright cobalt, majestic purple.
While every color is a winner, purple is going to be one of the big finalists of the incoming season. Purple is full of surprises, it is mysterious and it is carrying a certain degree of spirituality. Cleopatra’s favorite color, purple represents royalty and beauty. It is the color of balance providing a link between the cool and the warm colors.

My pick for the next season’s purple is 04-CW-0402309MC (ring 61 position 14C on the CSI Colorwall) which plays beautifully in a combination with hot pink 04-CW-0300484MC (ring 65 position 11 on the CSI Colorwall) .Both colors are included in our new Fall / Winter 2013 Inspirations and are some of the most requested fashion colors for the new designer palettes.