How do you "Design Tool"? - eColorWorld
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Design Tools

How do you “Design Tool”?


Design Tools


When creating mood boards, you will more than likely find a few ribbons tacked along side some magazine clippings, with some cloth cut-outs of fabric specific to the garment in mind, and possibly some small color chips of sorts that will be used for accenting buttons or hemlines.


Once the colors have been decided, and palettes are communicated to the color management team, you may find pieces of cut thread gathered from a trend service, or glued down fuzz from a sweater that had the perfect shade of red. There may also be pieces of paper torn off and taped to the page where the perfect color on a textile is missing from your library of inspirations.


With all the various ways to get your inspiration for color, and ways to communicate your palette, which type of “Design Tool” do you prefer?